Windows 10 hits record high as slump sets in for other operating systems

Windows 10 Start Menu

WINDOWS 10 enjoyed a huge jump in use during August, despite no longer being offered as a free upgrade to existing users.

Microsoft’s new operating system received its biggest update so far at the start of the month, and the result has been a jump to 22.99 per cent of the market (+1.86).

This month’s figures will make happy reading in Redmond, as everything else went on a downward trajectory, save for the constant fly in the ointment, Windows 7, which went up to 47.25 (+0.25) as the naysayers bedded in.

Windows 8.1 rose marginally to 7.92 (+0.12), offset slightly by a larger drop for Windows 8 to 1.82 (-0.27), meaning that Windows 8.x is down to 9.74 (-0.15) overall.

The numbers do suggest, however, that Windows 8 holdouts have gone straight to Windows 10 rather than treading the slightly ‘quirky’ update path to Windows 8.1.

XP took its biggest beating in a while, dropping as near as dammit a full percentage point to 9.36 (-0.98), meaning that it is now less popular than Windows 8.x for the first time. Vista sits at 1.05 per cent (-0.17), its position as a footnote in history now seemingly assured.

Elsewhere, macOS Sierra is being beta tested by enough people to make it show on the Netmarketshare figures, debuting at 0.04 per cent.

The current version, 10.11, was down this month to 4.38 (-0.31) while its predecessor, 10.10, held more or less steady at 1.73 (-0.02). Other versions were down to 1.21 (-0.21).

Even Linux took a hit, this time dropping to 2.11 (-0.22).

So things are finally looking up for Microsoft. Despite having to revise down a promise of a billion machines by mid-2017, Windows 10 is still proving a success, even with a price tag, and we could even stick our necks out far enough to say it’ll be on one in four computers by the end of the year, making it a huge success.