Wilkinson’s kids didn’t touch social media until 16

AS ONE of Australia’s most seasoned journalists, Lisa Wilkinson understands how important social media is nowadays.

But that doesn’t mean her kids are getting a slice of the pie.

In a recent exclusive with the Daily Telegraph’sStellar Magazine, the Today show host speaks about how concerning she thinks social media has become.

“I’ve got real concerns when kids who haven’t yet worked out who they are and their own self-worth go onto Instagram. Just taking selfies and waiting to see if the world likes you has real issues,” she said.

She goes on to drop a bombshell that a lot of parents might agree with.

“I didn’t let my kids go on until they were 16 — social media is something parents really have to be across because it can destroy confidence if it’s not properly managed,” she adds.

Although teenagers might cringe at Wilkinson’s opinion, it’s impossible to disagree with the fact that sites like Instagram use ‘likes’ to determine popularity.

The Today host has three children with journalist Peter FitzSimmons and the couple have been married for almost 25 years.

Wilkinson is about to open an exhibition in Melbourne entitled “Women of Influence” where she photographed everyone from actresses Asher Keddie and Deborra-Lee Furness to burns survivor Turia Pitt.She describes her venture as “something I’ve always wanted to do” and when questioned about the challenge of creating a photography exhibition she tells Stellar“at least I won’t die wondering”.

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