wastewater treatment companies

Water is one of our most precious commodities and is used in so many different situations. Manufacturing is one of these areas. Millions, if not billions, of gallons of water are used on a daily basis in the manufacturing world. It’s used in sewer systems, to flush and cool reactors, to clean streets, and many more items. In some of these industries, the used water is stored on-site due to its potential corrosiveness if it reached the water table. So, they need to look for a solution to treat the water for reuse or other actions.

For the industries which do not have access to water treatment plants owned by towns or counties, there are wastewater treatment companies which provide the equipment needed to help reclaim the water. Sometimes called dewatering services, companies like Sandling Industrial Services work with a variety of companies to provide solutions which are comprehensive for items like volume reduction and filtration.

To choose the right company for your industry, there are some things to consider. The main one is what you need to do. The main component of these companies is to remove solids (sludge) from wastewater. To do this, dewatering companies offer belt filter presses, centrifuges, and chamber filter presses that utilize modern methods to separate the solids phases from your liquids.

Another one to consider is rental versus purchase. Depending on the type of industry, outright purchase of water treatment machinery isn’t in their budget. Thus, smaller and mid-sized businesses may want to consider renting the dewatering machinery to help them out. In this way, they can test things out to see if it is worth further investment or if there’s another way it can be done.

If a company decides to purchase dewatering equipment, they may wish to look at treatment companies which sell refurbished products that are guaranteed. This can help keep the costs at bay while providing the industrial area with a safe way to remove solids from their liquids.

Prior to a rental or purchase, a review of the dewatering company and its current clients is recommended. The information you discover can move you toward this next phase of processing to clean and reuse your wastewater.