Upgrade to Windows 10 tactics were too ‘aggressive’ admits Microsoft exec

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Microsoft’s malware-like ‘upgrade to Windows 10′ tactics were criticised a lot as soon as the pop-up messages on users’ systems started appearing in 2015 and now with a Microsoft executive owing up to the tactics as ‘aggressive’, the Windows 10 maker isn’t going to have any easy days ahead.

The admittance comes from none other than Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela who said during a recent Windows Weekly broadcast that Microsoft was too pushy with its upgrade to Windows 10 tactics. The response was in reply to a question posted by host Paul Thurrott who asked if professionally there were any mistakes that he regrets. To this question Capossela replied Microsoft has made some mistakes, including “getting too aggressive in pushing out the Windows 10 free upgrade.”

While Capossela said that Microsoft did get it right to a great extent about not stepping over the line when promoting Windows 10 was concerned, he also added that Capossela did go too far at one point. That point was when they tweaked the “Get Windows 10” notification window that popped up on the screen asking users to download the latest operating system. The tweak was such that if a user clicked on the “x” button in the upper-right corner, it didn’t actually cancel the whole thing.

“There was one particular moment … where the red X in the dialog box, which typically means … cancel, didn’t mean cancel,” Capossela said. “Within a couple of hours of that hitting the world, with the listening systems we have, we knew that we had gone too far.” He went on to say that it took some time to roll out an update to reverse the action.

Capossela called those two weeks pretty painful and a low point for Microsoft. Check out his full comments in the video below.While there have been many instances that have been reported by users about the Windows 10 update crashing their computers, Microsoft has denied almost all those allegations, bar one where it actually settled the case for $10,000. A California woman claimed that the unwanted Windows 10 upgrade caused her work computer to crash because of which she wasn’t able to use it for days. Microsoft denied any wrongdoing, but it did settle the case.

[SOURCE:-Top examiner]