Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Gaming Channels Worldwide • September 2016


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It’s time for another monthly installment of our Tubefilter Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Gaming Channels Chart and the biggest YouTube channel on the planet is back at the top of the charts.

Chart Toppers

PewDiePie is back up in the #1 spot. Felix Kjellberg’s ever-growing repository of Let’s Play gaming videos and timely vlogs shed 10% of its monthly views, but still scored almost 252.6 million views on the month. That was good enough to push last month’s #1 channel down to the #2 spot. British gaming sensation TheDiamondMinecart dipped 22% in views to bottom out at a still-massive more than 228 million views in the month.

Next up in the #3 spot is AuthenticGames. The top Brazilian gamer on the chart was up 27% to close out the month with nearly 200 million views. PopularMMOs is up  next in fourth place. The #1 U.S.-based gamer on the list ended the month with just about 199.2 million views.

And rounding out the Top 5 is JackSepticEye. The Irish gamer’s view count dipped 26% to close out September with over 195 million views.

Top Gainers

The honor of one of our Top Gainers this month goes to NoahJ456.

The American gamer known for his Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto Let’s Play videos had a great September on YouTube thanks to a multiple-times-a-week supply of uploads and a lot of interest in his Black Ops 3 Zombies videos. Videos like the monster four-hour-and-30-minute “Black Ops 3 Zombies ‘Revelations’ Easter Egg Gameplay Walkthrough” racked up seven-figure view counts and catapulted NoahJ456’s channel up to a 136% month-over-month increase in views, more than 52.8 million views on the month, and the #44 spot on the worldwide chart.

Channel Distribution

The Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Gaming Channels this month amassed in aggregate a total of 6,828,067,048. Here’s a look at the distribution of those channels broken down by the most-represented YouTube Multi-Channel Networks on the chart:

  • Maker Studios: 19 channels in the Top 100, with PewDiePie at #1.
  • BroadbandTV: 10 channels in the Top 100, with Fernanfloo at #10.
  • Divimove, Machinima: 8 channels each in the Top 100, with Divimove’s elrubiusOMG at #14 and Machinima’s JuegaGerman at #9.
  • Fullscreen: 7 channels in the Top 100, with PopularMMOs at #4.
  • OmniaMediaCo: 6 channels in the Top 100, with LeafyIsHere at #29.
  • Jetpak: 4 channels in the Top 100, with VanossGaming at #6.
  • StyleHaul: 3 channels in the Top 100, with TheDiamondMinecart at #1.
  • Curse, Sandbox, Studio71, VSP Group, XMediaDigital, ZoominTV: 2 channels each in the Top 100, with Curse’s EthanGamerTV at #90, Sanbox’s 도티 TV at #45, Studio71’s Guava Juice at #12, VSP Group’s Ярик Лапа at #17, XMediaDigital’s TheBrainDit at #38, and ZoominTV’s Oyun Portal at #79.

And here’s a look into the distribution of this month’s Top 100 by country of origin:

  • United States: 38 channels in the Top 100.
  • Spain: 10 channels in the Top 100.
  • Great Britain: 9 channels in the Top 100.
  • Brazil: 7 channels in the Top 100.
  • Germany: 5 channels in the Top 100.
  • Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Russia: 3 channels each in the Top 100. 
  • Australia, Chile, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, Ukraine: 2 channels each in the Top 100.
  • El Salvador, France, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Vietnam: 1 channel each in the Top 100.