The Top Three Benefits of Solar Roofs

Solar Energy is in the midst of a renaissance. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the number of homes with a solar roof new jersey has shot up from a few thousand to a few million! More and more, people are understanding the advantages that installing solar panels on your roof can provide. Here are three of the biggest.

Lower Energy Bills

The biggest and most obvious benefit that a solar roof new jersey provides is energy efficiency. By using the power of the sun, solar panels allow homeowners to save thousands of dollars each year. The solar panels generate a self-contained energy grid that the homeowner can pull from.

Easy Maintenance

Another advantage of solar panels is that a solar roof new jersey is easy to maintain. Once each season, you can wash them down with a garden hose to remove excess dirt and debris. If this is done regularly, you can expect your solar panels to last 25-30 years!


There are federal and state incentives that promote solar roofs throughout the country. Depending on where you live, you may be entitled to a significant tax break if you install solar panels. States that are committed to environmental responsibility want to do everything they can to promote solar power; tax incentives are the easiest way for them to do that.

Increased Home Value

A modern, efficient home will always be worth more than an older one, even when all other factors are equal. It’s worth the time and long-term investment to install solar panels, as it will lower utility bills, which is a selling point for potential buyers.

As we work to create a cleaner, more efficient society, solar power is a key ingredient. What was once a pipe dream is now a reality. Millions of homes are reaping the benefits of solar power. Yours can be next!