Sushma takes up case of surrogate baby’s passpor

The External Affairs Ministry has taken up with the British High Commission the case of a British couple, who had a baby this May through surrogacy in India and face the prospect of leaving her in an orphanage as they have not been able to procure a passport for her.

“Baby Lily – We have taken this up with the British High Commission. We hope to resolve this soon,” External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted on Sunday.

The couple had come India on a medical visa that expired on September 7 and was subsequently extended for one month.Now their visa expires on October 7 and a British passport for the baby has to be obtained by that time.

Looming deadline

The couple has started a petition on Change.Org, saying they have been “left stranded because of delays due to the U.K. Passport Office checks.”

“Lilys application for her U.K. passport has been with the Passport office since June 3, but processing delays with the international checks at the U.K. passport office have meant we are now left stranded with no idea about when we will make it home. “To make matters worse we have been given a deadline of October 7 to leave India, so must have Lily’s passport in our possession by this time or we must leave without her,” the petition says.

Ms. Swaraj, who has faced flak from some quarters for her defence of the Centre’s plan to ban commercial surrogacy in India, also used the matter to take a dig at critics and also questioned the British authorities.

“Will the advocates of commercial surrogacy suggest a solution and help this baby? Commercial surrogacy is banned in Britain. Will the British government give a British passport to this surrogate baby? Should orphanage be the destiny of a surrogate Baby?” she had recently posted on Twitter.

[Source:-The Hindu]