Social Recruiting: How I Used Social Media To Build A Business From Scratch


Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all platforms that have completely altered the way we communicate in today’s world. These social platforms are used not only as communication tools for personal relationships but also as a means to create powerful brands. Through building my educational startup, The Life Currency, I’ve learned how to use social media not only in my personal life but also as a major tool in building a business.

In six short months, The Life Currency has evolved from just an idea to a full-fledged educational media company with the support of a staff built solely from Instagram and LinkedIn.

Previous entrepreneurial endeavors had already prepped me for what it took to build a business; I knew that branding was instrumental, patience is key, and a strong team is needed to survive in the world of start-ups.

However, the most important lesson I’ve learned through full-time entrepreneurship was to change my perspective on my hiring practices. Although, friends can be an excellent resource for support it’s best to seek out passionate professionals with the exact skill set you’re looking for.