Why social media is the new anger field

Why social media is the new anger field

Every day, millions of tweets, Facebook updates, Snapchat videos and Instagram photos are shared all across from Celebrities, Bigwigs and people like me. In a flash news and information from one corner of the earth reaches the other end at the touch of a button. This thing, the Social media or network(s), is here to stay least for a long term until something better comes or happens.

That is the new norm. It is the best, in some quarters, have happened for such a long time since the advent of the internet in 1960s when the United States Federal Government commissioned the building of a seamless, fault-tolerant communication via computer networks and what we all know, the world wide web in the early 1989 by English scientist Tim Berners-Lee.

According to a quarterly statistics report released by the Communications Authority of Kenya spanning July to September 2015, there was an increase in internet usage reaching a high of 31.9 million users from 29.6 million the previous quarter. This is not something to be ignored.

But with this great technological advancement something is amiss. Years ago when it started as a frenzy and it seemed ‘cool’ to be the first in that high school class to be on Facebook. Remember Myspace? Despite the fact that the various platforms have been used for different causes some of which have turned out to be a success, there is also another direction it has taken. Out of all this there is just too much noise out there. Imagine going to a marketplace intending to buy some stuff just for yourself. On arrival, you get all sorts of activities going on from buyers and sellers alike. Shouting on top of their voices to get the attention of the customers and cash in a good day but you realize that the noise is too much and that you cannot bear hence in a hurry you pick up what you only came for and walk out.

Now these social sites. You login to check maybe what’s happening, who has sent you a message and whatnots but on a closer look one finds out there is a user or twitter handle that is complaining to a certain service provider and issues threats of ditching for the rival, another is trolling a seemingly innocent user whilst another is trying to be heard and is venting hard because the subject is oppressed by the powers that be. In this, one gets to find that it all comes to how emotion intolerant people we have become and this is the only place one can get to ventilate. In the recent past, twitter has been struggling to attract new users and its numbers have stuck at 300 – 400 million users and though not a conclusion, maybe this newbies want to explore what this Twitter is but on popping in they find something they cannot keep up with. Same with Facebook, its rise in popularity is yesteryears and it’s just cashing in on the numbers it got from way back when it started.

The essence of this platforms is to communicate, share information and connect with people from other parts of the country and the world and maybe opening up one’s mind to a whole new level accepting other people and who they are based on their ideas but the way it has gone to be a place where trolls, angry venom-spitting users hiding behind the QWERTY and a handle to launch a barrage of attacks on someone is highly uncalled for.

A report by American broadcaster, CNN, on September 22,2013 stated that social media especially has become a go-to place for online anger with reasons being its fast, brief and requires little thought. The same is true. A budding musician releases a single everything goes haywire, a TV personality mispronounces a word it breaks the internet or even that racial slur directed to, whether, that person of color or otherwise. There is bile ready to spill on anyone.

It pretty sure that this is the in thing right now and Silicon innovators, in their minds created something that they have been proud of creating immense overnight wealth but down the line they could be wishing it never happened what’s happening.

Remember, as I have been of the view that, this new frontier is the electronic bit of the human mind, there is a dire need for one to be what they are but remember you don’t know what the future holds. Yeah, it is a cliché but I think it does make sense.