Where Is Social Media Headed in 2018 and Beyond?

Where Is Social Media Headed in 2018 and Beyond?


It’s important for entrepreneurs to understand how social media is evolving and changing. 2.8 billion people use social media. In terms of advertising new products and services, there are few things more potent and ubiquitous than social media.

Let’s take a closer look at the things that are impacting the future of social media.


During the 2016 election, we witnessed how sharply divided the US population has become. This isn’t unique to the United States. Around the world, humans are becoming divided on issues as mundane as brand loyalty, and as explosive as political process and ideology.

Social media firms, like Facebook, have created products that deliver information in a way that’s hyper-personalized. Every morning when I wake up, I reach for my smartphone. As I scroll through my Facebook news feed, I actively “unfollow” people and organizations that share information I don’t find useful or entertaining.