How to Run Rummy Lovers Community Online?

The internet has now made it possible for all the rummy card game lovers to come together and share their intense love for rummy. There are many ways in which you can run a rummy lovers’ community online and make sure this game never dies away. Here we have mentioned some of the simplest ways in which the rummy love can be encouraged online:

Post Rummy Tips Blogs

All the good rummy players are keen to learn new ways to win the game. That is why sharing blogs on rummy tips is one of the best ways to attract rummy players online. You can share your knowledge and request other players to do the same by commenting on your blogs. This is a great way to encourage interaction online. It also helps you understand your favourite Indian Rummy much better. You get to learn the tactics and nuances of the game.

Share Quizzes on the Rummy Card Game

While most people in rummy circles know how to play rummy, very few really know the facts regarding how the game originated or evolved. There is always a level of curiosity regarding such facts and sharing these as quizzes in rummy circles will get you right target audience. Try to share quizzes with all information and facts regarding the game. Encourage others as well to share similar quizzes.

Organise Rummy Tournaments Online

This is another fantastic thing that is possible today. There are countless mobile apps and websites where you can not just play rummy but also launch tournaments. If you are a member of any of these sites, such as Khelplay Rummy, you can simply invite your friends to tournaments already launched on these websites and apps.

Share Information Regarding Rummy Events on Different Social Networks

The love for rummy can be shared by simply sharing information regarding rummy events in your locality. Most people are not aware of the events that take place in their locality unless they get notifications on their mobile apps or Facebook Groups. Make the best use of rummy player’s networking craze by sharing information about rummy parties and events in your vicinity. You may also co-ordinate with cafes nearby that launch such events.

Advertise Products That Suit Rummy Lovers

Another great way to call the attention of rummy players and rummy lovers online is simply by sharing information regarding different innovative rummy products. This can be anything from an innovative card deck to a modern six deck card shuffler. These days, there are some very interesting products being marketed for card lovers. These even include fashion accessories, playing card jewellery or even playing card cufflinks. Most card lovers also enjoy showing off their craze for cards and thus sharing ads of such products will definitely get attention.

You can form a rummy lovers chat community and helpline too. This could be one place where all the rummy lovers will share their queries and doubts. This could also be one place where you can find an online partner for a game of rummy. You may even launch a WhatsApp group where all information relevant to rummy lovers can be shared. You never know when such an initiative gets the right attention and popularity but there is really no harm in trying.