RETRO GAMING | Famicom Mini console to hit Japanese market in November

n July, Nintendo America announced on its official website the upcoming release of a new retro gaming console: the mini Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic — a replica of the original NES version for the U.S. market.

This week, Nintendo Japan announced a similar retro gaming console based on the Japanese version of the NES — the Famicom or Family Computer as it was known in Asia and other parts of the world.

Released in 1983, ahead of the NES, the Famicom was staple in many living rooms across the Asian region where kids spent hundreds of hours munching dots on Pacman, shooting alien spacecrafts on Galaga, jumping for coins on Super Mario 3 and punching their way out of crime-ravaged streets on Double Dragon.

Those nostalgic times will be back come November with the release of “Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer”.

Taking its cue from the mini NES Classic, the upcoming palm-sized Famicom will arrive on store shelves pre-loaded with 30 8-bit games that blasted to popularity in the cartridge-gaming decades of the 80s and early 90s (see the complete game list below).

The Famicom mini will also be equipped with the already familiar controllers, albeit smaller, hardwired to the console. Yes, just like the original console. Power and reset buttons are there for the same functions as well.

The difference? Aside from the size, there is an HDMI connector and even USB, which the latter the NES Mini lacks (although we still don’t know what it’s for. Additional games perhaps?) and from the looks of it, the game cartridge slot is non-functional. Nonetheless, the price of 5,980 Yen or US$59 seems unbeatable.

Unfortunately, since this is a Japanese market release, games will surely be in the local language. But that didn’t stop us from playing those Japan-only games when they came out, right?

Anyway, hopefully they would also bring out an Asian version for the entire region to enjoy the good ol’days.