Resident Evil Spinoff Umbrella Corps Delayed

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Anyone hoping to play the Resident Evil multiplayer shooter spinoff Umbrella Corps next month are in for some bad news. Capcom announced today that both the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of Umbrella Corps have been delayed from their original release month of May to June 21st.

According to Capcom, the delay is to allow the development team more time to polish Umbrella Corps, and give players the “best experience possible.” It’s unclear at this point if the delay will also result in more content being added to the game, but that seems unlikely given its release is just a couple months away.

While some fans looking forward to Umbrella Corps may be disappointed by this news, Capcom also released a new trailer for the game to help ease the pain a bit. The new trailer for Umbrella Corps (which includes another quick peak at the game’s Resident Evil 5 map) can be seen right here:The new trailer for Umbrella Corps mainly shows off the game’s cosmetic customization options. Players will be able to customize their weapons, such as the zombie jammer, as well as their mercenary. We know that these customization options will allow players to add some personality to their mercenaries on the multiplayer battlefields, but Capcom didn’t clarify if these cosmetic options will also apply to the single player mode in Umbrella Corps or not

As has been previously announced by Capcom, Umbrella Corps is launching at a budget price of $30. This seems rather cheap, especially for a game that will need to be supported by online servers for its entire lifespan. Considering this, it seems like some of these cosmetic options may be purchasable as microtransactions. Capcom hasn’t announced if this is the case yet or not, but one has to imagine that the game will have some form of microtransactions in order to make up for its budget price point.

Umbrella Corps being delayed should result in a more polished game when it does eventually release in June. However, there are still many Resident Evil fans that are skeptical about the game, and would rather Capcom produce a more traditional entry in the series, as opposed to an online multiplayer shooter spinoff. To that end, hopefully Capcom has some news to share with fans soon in regards to the rumored Resident Evil 7, just in case Umbrella Corps doesn’t live up to its potential.