Recommended Reading: Uber wants to be the ‘operating system’ for city life

This week, ride-sharing giant Uber announced a test that puts both its car and food services in the same app. It’s part of a larger plan CEO Dara Khosrowshahi describes as becoming the “operating system for your everyday life in a city.” The Verge details the challenges to doing so in an interview with the chief executive.

50 country albums every rock fan should own
Rolling Stone

Ken Burn’s Country Music documentary series debuted this month and Rolling Stone offers a primer for the uninitiated.

TikTok — yes, TikTok — is the latest window into China’s police state
Isobel Cockerell,

Reports surfaced this week that ByteDance once censored TikTok content critical of the Chinese government. Wired explains on how the app has become useful as a look at the state of affairs in Xinjiang.