PUBG Xbox One to Get Sanhok Map This Summer, New Snow Map Teased

PUBG Xbox One to Get Sanhok Map This Summer, New Snow Map Teased

Aside from taking Fortnite to court PUBG Corp is actually making improvements to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Well, at least on the Xbox One. At Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2018 event a trailer for the game’s third map, Sanhok was shown off and it revealed that the map would be coming this Summer. Also, it teased a new snow themed map slated for later in the year.

Plus, PUBG’s War Mode which is in the game’s PC version will be making it to the Xbox One as well though no date was announced. It would bring team deathmatch to the Xbox version of PUBG when it hits. The last update to PUBG added Miramar and brought a host of optimisations to make PUBG run better on the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X.

Previously, PUBG lead designer and director Brendan Greene, better known by his moniker PlayerUnknown stated he isn’t looking forward to his next game, he said in a new interview. He also talked about his unawareness of the gaming industry and how that helped him, and why he thinks modding is a great way for game development.

In an interview with British gaming magazine Edge, Greene said:

“Yeah, I am dreading my next game, because it’s PlayerUnknown’s Next Game. And there’s going to be eyes on it. No matter what I do, there’s going to be a lot of critics going, “Well, it’s no PUBG.” And I’ve accepted that – I am not going to make a game that’s going to get like, three million concurrent users, and tens of millions of players every month. But I’m not aiming to make that. I want to make a game I want to play, and if other people want to play it, that’s fantastic – but ultimately, if they don’t, I’ll still have a game that I can play. So that’s my outlook: I’m probably going to get sh*t on, but that’s okay.”