PSA: Android Nougat is rolling out to the HTC 10

PSA-Android-Nougat-is-rolling-out-to-the-HTC-10Android Nougat update is finally rolling out to the HTC 10 this weekend, making the HTC flagship one of the first phones to receive the latest Android update.

With the latest update, HTC 10 will run Android 7.0 and welcome onboard features like the Google Assistant, Multi-windows, Instant Apps and direct replies, among other new features.

HTC’s Vice President of Product Management, Mo Versi tweeted the news wishing all HTC 10 owners a Happy Thanksgiving!Before HTC, Motorola and LG rolled out the new update to their respective flagship phones. Moto X and Moto G4 received the update a few weeks back while LG V20 released running Android Nougat out of the box and the G5 received it via OTA shortly.

Samsung too has reportedly been beta testing a version of Android Nougat for its Galaxy S7 and OnePlus too has promised to bring it to the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T by the end of this year.

Android Nougat is the next incremental update from Android Marshmallow. It launched with the Google Pixel Phones and features a smarter and more contextual digital assistant- Google Assistant. Google Assistant leverages years of research on Artificial Intelligence and Google’s Knowledge Graph to cater to an user’s need in a more efficient way.

Android Nougat also supports Google Daydream- The Virtual Reality platform by Google. Daydream is a whole new ecosystem in the virtual space and a platform for VR media. It has its own app store with content providers ranging from news publications to streaming services, hi-res games and even Google Street View.

In addition to this, Android Nougat is generally more secure than the previous versions. Security features like File level encryption, while keeps files isolated and separate from each other, and direct boot which makes apps to run securely even before you enter your password. Moreover, Google has made its monthly security patches easier for OEMs to comply with. Now, updates happen seamlessly in the background without interrupting the Android experience.

Having said that, the Android Nougat update on the HTC 10 will come with HTC’s Sense UI on top which may not bring all the features of the new update.

Next up in the line is the HTC One M9 and the HTC One A9.