Plotagraph Pro Software Released

Plotagraph Pro has launched today. The software seamlessly synchronizes a myriad of algorithms to generate dynamic and realistic animation of a single, static image.

The software works with any computer or operating system and functions nimbly through remote servers. Users simply upload JPG or PNG image files and can begin applying masks to areas that remain static, as well as directional flow treatments to areas that will convey movement. Animated images can be easily exported to GIFs, MOVs, MP4s, 4k files, and more. Plotagraph® Pro also generates a GIF link for easy social sharing.

Unlike other animation programs, Plotagraph® Pro works with a single image and does not require special equipment, additional image or movie files, or supplemented software programs. The animated file is backwards compatible and can also be easily exported to print without suffering quality or pixilation, since it starts as a high-res image file.

The software is accessible via a SaaS-based membership starting at just $79. Members are not only able to download and apply the software, they receive regular tutorials, industry news, upgrades, as well as access to social platforms and stock galleries specifically for looping content.

[SOURCE:-e Photozine]