Netflix Rs 199 mobile plan is cheap but there is a big catch here and you must know about it

What’s the catch? We will tell you in a bit. There is no streaming or casting Netflix on a big screen, or small TV for that matter, with Rs 199 plan. When Netflix says that its cheap Rs 199 plan is for smartphones and mobiles devices only, it’s not kidding. The streaming or casting won’t happen on a TV with this plan, irrespective of however your smart TV is.

Let’s explain.

On Wednesday, Netflix launched its cheapest subscription plan in India yet. The new plan costs Rs 199 and it comes with a validity of one month. However, for the first month or trial period users can experience Netflix on smartphone for free. Under the Rs 199 Netflix plan users will be able to stream their favourite series or movies only on smartphones and tablets. This clearly means users subscribing to the new Rs 199 Netflix plan will not be able to stream shows or movies on their televisions or laptops.

The question then is: can you stream Netflix on big TV using Rs 199 per month mobile-only plan using some sort of interface or connection between your TV and phone? The answer to this is: NO. Users subscribing to the new Rs 199 Netflix plan will not be able to cast or mirror shows or movies on TV. So, if you’re keen on watching shows or movies on the smart TV go ahead and subscribe to one of the two expensive plans available in India.

In India, Netflix now offers four plans that the company has divided into – mobile, basic, standard and premium. The mobile plan costs Rs 199 per month and under this plan users get to stream their favourite shows and movies only on smartphones and tablets. This plan supports only one screen at a time unlike the expensive plans and streams shows only in 480p resolution.

Next in the line is the basic Netflix plan that is worth Rs 499. Yes, after the launch of the Rs 199 plan Netflix has adjusted prices for the three existing plans. Under the Rs 499 per month plan users get to stream shows and movies on mobiles, tablets, laptops or TVs. Similar to the Rs 499 plan this plan also offers one screen operation at a time and supports 480 resolution only.

The more the merrier. Under the slightly more expensive Rs 649 per month plan that is also called Standard Plan Netflix offers HD streaming and access to two screens at the same time. Under the Rs 649 plan too Netflix lets users stream content on any device of their choice – be it laptop, TV, smartphone or tablet. Lastly, there’s a Premium plan for which the user will need to pay Rs 799 per month. Under Rs 799 plan subscribers get four screens at a time, HD and Ultra HD streaming support.

So, if you’re fine with streaming Netflix shows and movies on smartphone and tablet the new Rs 199 per month plan should be perfectly fine for you. But if you’re want to cast Netflix on TV through your smartphone, you will have to opt for one of the expensive plans that the streaming service offer.

Netflix has been testing the mobile-only plan since March in India. The streaming service was testing the plan for Rs 250 month. Speaking to India Today Tech Nigel Baptiste, Director, Partner Engagement of Netflix says that the testing process of the Rs 250 per month plan went extremely well and that pushed the company to launch the Rs 199 plan in India today.

With the Rs 199 plan, Netflix is looking to expand its user base in India by targeting the tier two and tier three segment. Netflix believes that the Rs 199 plan will help the streaming service reach more and more consumers in the country, in turn, expand Netflix’s business in India.