Microsoft’s Windows 10 S operating system is turning into ‘S Mode’ in 2019

Microsoft logo with white background

Microsoft has confirmed that the lightweight S version of its operating system will become a mode within regular versions of windows in 2019.

The new mode was confirmed via Twitter by Windows 10 vice president Joe Belfiore on March 6th.

The Windows S mode will be an option inside of existing windows OS versions like Home and Pro and will provide the streamlined functions and faster boot times of the previous Windows 10 S operating system.

The Windows 10 S version was announced in 2017 as a lightweight version of its OS that could simplify low-end devices for the education market. Windows 10 S only lets Windows devices use Microsoft verified apps from the Microsoft store.

Windows 10 S was built to compete against Chrome OS in the education market, but it has not gathered much market share in the US and Canada compared to Chrome OS, regular Windows devices and iPads.

While this idea seems to add more versatility to Windows, it will have to be explained well, so consumers are not confused when buying newer devices from Microsoft.