Microsoft Reportedly Adding Game Mode To Windows 10: Improved Gaming Performance Expected

Microsoft Added Game Mode to Windows 10 for Better Gaming Performance to Players

Microsoft followers are in for a treat as the company is reportedly adding a game mode to Windows 10 that would boost gaming performance. The information was taken from a leaked version of a forthcoming preview update.

Twitter user WalkingCat took the fine comb to the leaked version and reported the speculated addition. The user gave a hint of the addition of game mode, a dll in the latest build of Windows 10 (version 14997).

The feature will reportedly be released and enabled for Windows Insider users together with the Creators update. The specific date of launch, however, has not yet been officially disclosed to the public.

Sources also said that the feature will more likely be similar to the way Xbox One is running a game. The list and names of games this game mode will be compatible still remain unrevealed as of this writing.

Game mode will function as the optimizer of the OS of the games that players are using. It means enhancement of the gaming experience as resources are specifically designated to boost the game performance, according to GameSpot.

Programs on the other hand that aren’t necessary for the gaming function are given less precedence. Operations that won’t stabilize the gameplay performance and that are not essential in ensuring the best gaming experience are deprioritized.

As of the moment, the Game Mode file is still not functioning although it can already be seen in the latest internal builds. Gamers will still have to wait for further announcement on when the feature will be enabled, as reported by The Neowin.

The Windows 10 creators update is scheduled to be released in spring of 2017 and is expected to be packed with features for gamers. Microsoft has revealed that some of the features to be included in the package are more interesting streaming and new tournament features.