iPhone 8 Price Starts At $999, Report Claims: Apple Fans, Are Your Wallets Ready?

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A report claims that the iPhone 8 price will start at $999, which would make it the most expensive Apple smartphone ever released. The price tag could go as high as $1,199 for the top-end model of the device.  ( Apple )

Apple fans, get your wallets ready. Report claims that the highly anticipated iPhone 8 will come with a starting price of $999.

The report follows through on a research note from May by Goldman Sachs’ Simona Jankowski, who wrote that the iPhone 8 price is expected to start at $999 but refutes a claim made by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber that the iPhone 8 cost will start at $1,200.

The iPhone 8 Price Will Start At $999

Buried within a New York Times report on the popularity of the iPhone over the years is a tidbit that the iPhone 8 price will start at about $999, according to a source who was briefed on the product.

Currently, the most expensive iPhone is the 256 GB model of the iPhone 7 Plus, which is sold for $969. However, the iPhone 8 starting price will apparently already eclipse that figure, pushing the smartphone firmly into the four-figures territory.

A recent report claimed that the iPhone 8 storage options will be 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB, with all models to be powered by 3 GB of RAM. If the 64 GB model of the iPhone 8 will indeed be priced at $999, and considering that Apple usually charges an additional $100 for every step up in storage, it can be expected that the 256 GB model will be sold for $1,099 and the 512 GB model will be sold for $1,199. Perhaps the information that Gruber previously acquired is referring to the top-end model of the iPhone 8.

In any case, the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive smartphone ever made by Apple upon its release. It remains to be seen, however, if customers will see the device as something worth paying at least $999 for.

Apple Fans: Will You Upgrade To The iPhone 8?

With such a steep starting price, some Apple fans might be rethinking about purchasing the iPhone 8 and to instead settle for the iPhone 7s or iPhone 7s Plus, which will also be released this year.

However, a survey conducted by J.P. Morgan revealed that the vast majority of iPhone owners are planning to upgrade their smartphones within the next year. In addition, 92 percent of Apple users said that they were likely to upgrade to the iPhone 8 over the next year.

If this is true, then Apple is looking at a lot of revenue coming its way upon the launch of the iPhone 8, especially as its closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, has a price tag not that far off at $930.