Should I Include a Car Wash In My Gas Station Construction Plans?

An attached car wash is a great compliment and addition to your gas station plans, but you need to determine if there is enough need in the area to justify the cost. Careful research will show whether this is a good idea, or if you should explore other options.

Is there a demand for a car wash in your area?

Building a car wash to attach to your gas station might seem a great idea on paper, but is there a true demand in your area? You can find out by taking a quick drive around the area you plan to build your station. You might want to reconsider if there are already several close by and you are not in a prime traffic location.

Consider Additional Construction Costs

Adding more structure, water pipes, and equipment will increase your initial construction costs. Are you and your investors willing to front the additional money it will take? You can get good estimates to consider from the company you have hired for the gas station project.

Estimate the Additional Overhead Expenses

There will also be additional overhead expenses to cover until you begin to start making a profit. There will be chemicals, water, electric, sewage, and any repairs or adjustments that need to made to the equipment.

Will you be able to handle both businesses?

You will basically be running two separate businesses that are melded into one. It will be twice the stress and work, but with the end result being double the reward. This is something you need to consider if you are unable to hire any additional help at the start. A car wash does tend to fairly hands-off unless there are problems, but there are things to check, inspect, and clean consistently.

Use a Maintenance Service that Can Handle Both Businesses

Staying on top of maintenance and repair will be essential to both businesses. You need to hire a company that can handle the maintenance duties of both equally well. There are trusted professionals that can handle all types of mixed business properties.

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