Google launches Pixelbook as first laptop with Google Assistant


Google has relaunched its laptop lineup with the Pixelbook, the first Chromebook to feature its voice-activated virtual aide Google Assistant.

The high spec version of the laptop will be one of the most expensive Chromebooks ever released, featuring a touchscreen, hybrid design and a touch stylus pen.

Users will be able to speak to the laptop, using the wake phrase “OK Google” to ask questions. It will feature a Google Assistant button on its keyboard, rivaling the addition of Siri on Apple Macbooks and Cortana on Windows laptops.

At a glance

  • The Pixelbook will run Google’s Chrome OS operating system
  • Chrome OS uses apps and programmes from the Google Play Store
  • It features a 10-hour battery life
  • The Pixelbook is the first laptop to feature Google Assistant
  • Google Assistant will be available on other Chromebooks from 2018
  • It will start at £999 in the UK, while the Pixelbook Pen will be sold separately for £99

Google announced its new laptop at an event in San Francisco, alongside two new Pixel smartphones and two Google Home smart speakers.

The laptop will run on Google’s Chrome OS operating system and act as a premium level platform for the software. Chrome uses apps from Google’s Store and relies on primarily cloud-based features for storage.

Google launched its first laptop in 2013, running on its own operating system. The new model features a complete redesign on the exterior and more powerful hardware.