The Division’s Falcon Lost Incursion Challenge Mode is Too Difficult for Dev Team

image descriptionIn a community podcast, Mathias Karlson, lead designer on The Division, admits that no one at the studio has completed Falcon Lost, the first Incursion mission arriving next week.

After shattering sales records left, right and center back in March, Tom Clancy’s The Division is getting ready to release its first major post-launch content addition, known as Update 1.1. The update promises to add a variety of items to the game including a number of bug fixes, Dark Zone updates, and much more. The crown jewel in the April Update however is no doubt the first raid-like instance known as Falcon Lost, which aims to provide a significant challenge to max level players.

The difficulty may be greater than anticipated, however, as so far no one at Ubisoft has been able to beat the mission, a self-imposed requirement before the challenge can go live to the public. In a podcast for the game, lead designer for The Division, Mathias Karlson, admitted that none of the assembled teams at Ubisoft have been able to make it through the mission without the use of a known exploit, which the team will have patched prior to release. Lead economic designer Andrada Greciuc echoed Karlson’s statement, revealing that her team attempted it six times in one day, with no luck.

We tried to beat it for an entire day. We tried to beat it, I think, six times. I know we beat it when there was an exploit. We haven’t tried after that bug was fixed.

The Division Falcon Lost

Falcon Lost, which received a pair of screenshots yesterday, will be the first of many Incursions set to arrive as the year continues along, and unlike other missions in the game, players will need to beat it without the use of checkpoints. By default, Incursion missions will be set to Challenging difficulty, though these missions go further to shake up familiar combat elements by throwing new enemy types at the enemy, with Falcon Lost’s rumored to be an APC vehicle. To hopefully offset that challenge, Incursions will reward persistent players with the best loot in the game.

Update 1.1 will be followed by another free update in May called Conflict. While little is know about this update, Ubisoft has confirmed in a previous trailer that a new Incursion mission set in Columbus Circle will be available for players. Beyond that, three paid expansions are planned with the first coming in June, known as Underground.

Are you looking forward to tackling what will evidently be a big challenge when Update 1.1 drops next week? What are you hoping to see in the May update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.