Dark Souls 3 Suffering From Poor Frame Rate

With less than a week until Dark Souls 3 is available to play worldwide, gamers are getting excited to jump into FromSoftware’s unforgiving world. However, it seems that the game is having a few performance issues at the moment, something that will need to be fixed soon or else it’ll risk upsetting the Western world.

Yesterday saw the reveal of a game-crashing bug that will trigger when a player walks over a certain number of summon signs, but that’s not all that needs to be fixed in Dark Souls 3. According to thisgengaming, the game also experiences serious inconsistencies in its frame rate. So far, several reviews have mentioned the frame-rate issues but thisgengaming has been able to detail the area where the slowdowns are more prominent.


Reportedly, the area named “Halfway Fortress” is one that will cause serious frame rate issues. The area features a huge swamp filled with crab enemies to fight, and as a result causes slowdowns when there are too many of these enemies on-screen at one time. The frames will also begin to drop when the player character is running, or when multiple enemies attack at once. These issues are seen in other areas of the game as well, though they are not nearly as severe as in “Halfway Fortress.” Hopefully we’ll see a patch to fix the frame-rate problems, just as FromSoftware has promised for the crashing bug.

Regardless of any issues, Dark Souls 3 is still going to be the cause of a lot of excitement when it releases in a few days. Available now to those in Japan, or those who cheat the system, many people have already begun their death-filled adventures. One determined gamer has beaten the first boss using only their fists, whereas another has impressively cleared the full game in under 2 hours. These players are just a couple of examples of the sort of dedicated fans that the Dark Souls franchise attracts. It’s only a matter of time now before people are coming up with all sorts of crazy and unusual ways to beat the game at an even higher level of difficulty than the title normally provides.

As of this week, a team of blacksmiths were so devoted to the Dark Souls franchise that they have forged a real sword, based after the iconic Greatsword of Artorias. With fans like the ones that this series has, we’re sure to only hear more impressive feats as the new game releases and the world of Dark Souls 3 is explored.