Basirhat, Bhadrak….Time to censor social media?

Basirhat, Bhadrak….Time to censor social media?

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Bhubaneswar, July 11: A controversial social media post by a teenager had recently triggered violence in the neighbouring state of Bengal. Apparently, the post led to deadly clashes between Hindus and Muslims in Basirhat in Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district. The incidence has brought the debate on social media and its social impacts back in limelight. It has been often observed that youngsters are not socially responsible while ‘scribbling’ on the ‘virtual walls.’

As the debate continues, Orissa POST gets you how city reacted to the recent incidence. Counseling in schools needed

“The demand for social media is increasing every day. Now, it is a medium for spreading information and also fake news. I have seen how students often block their parents on the virtual platforms to obstruct them from seeing their posts on social media.
Thus, parents are not aware of their activities often. I think government should start counseling students on social media in school.” Sailesh Patniak, said.

Limited freedom is the key

“Guardians have a greater responsibility in shaping the future of kids and guiding children specially about the do’s and the don’ts. They should have limited access to social media and various sites.”
Taranisen Pattnaik, said

No sim cards for minors

“Parents must keep a close watch on their wards. Sim cards should not be sold to minors. Again, parents should closely monitor social media accounts of their children. Software’s like net nanny can be used to restrict use of the social media.” Rudra Prasanna Rath, said. Time for auto-monitoring “Of course, there should be auto monitoring of offensive and derogatory terms by the software and also users should be sensitised about appropriate and inappropriate contents while posting,” Sriram Singh Rattan, said.

Need not curtail the e-freedom

“Youth sometimes feels that social media is a platform for expressing their views. We can’t control the mind of a person. If Social media can be used as platform for sharing good things and congratulatory things, then why not be used to share their negative or strong views.”Kumar Sahoo,said.

Orissa saw violence too

“A user must understand that their comments can be fatal. The recent communal violence in Bhadrak in Orissa was the prime example, where people witnessed violence after derogatory comments on Ram and Sita were posted on a Facebook page. We must be educated enough to understand the situation sometime and think before act,”Alok Kumar said.