Apple drives its newest operating system north — WAY north

Apple engineers are reportedly working on a car operating system in Canada, not Cupertino.

More than two dozen of the engineers working on the project hail from Blackberry Ltd.’s QNX, according to a Bloomberg repor t, citing several anonymous sources close to the situation. The Apple office is a close walk from the QNX offices, in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata. QNX is a leading automotive software provider.

The self-driving car operating system would serve as the software core for an upcoming Apple car platform, similar to how iOS runs an iPhone. Another Apple team working on the software that would run these self-driving cars, per one of Bloomberg’s sources. Apple engineers have plans to create a display that would feature apps managed by the company’s digital assistant, Siri.

Apple hired the QNX employees due to their experience developing the components of operating systems and power management, per Bloomberg, citing a former QNX executive. The most high-profile Apple hires from QNX include its CEO, Dan Dodge, and Derrick Keefe, who left QNX in 2015 after a decade as a senior engineer.

News that Apple is still pursuing a car operating system comes as hundreds within the company’s secret auto unit have reportedly left or been reassigned in recent months as the tech giant scales back its plans and gives up on building its own cars. Last week, Bloomberg cited unnamed sources who said that the car team has been given until late next year to prove the feasibility of the self-driving system it has been working on and decide on a final direction.

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Titan was launched in 2014 amid reports that Apple could produce a vehicle by the early 2020s and do for cars what it did for mobile communications with the iPhone. That would give it a piece of an auto industry that consultant McKinsey & Co. estimates will be worth $6.7 trillion by 2030.

But a few on the Apple leadership team may be giving up on manufacturing automobiles because it’s simply too difficult. Titan project head Steve Zadesky, a former Ford Motor Co. engineer and early iPod designer, left the team earlier this year but is still with the company. Dan Riccio, who already oversees engineering annual iPhone, iPad, and Mac refreshes, was handed the reins but brought in Bob Mansfield, who helped develop the original iPad, to lead Titan on a part-time basis.

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