A flagship Motorola phone? Apple, Samsung, OnePlus flagships could have some serious competition

Motorola One Vision

Before Lenovo bought Motorola, the company was coming up with some interesting flagship phones. The Moto X and Moto Z lineup of phones offered the best of the stock Android smartphone experience. However, over the last few years, Motorola has mostly been limited to the more affordable segments and after spending a rather empty 2018, Motorola is active once again in 2019 and very soon, its flagship device is making a comeback.

According to a report from Techradar, Motorola is possibly working on a new flagship device. There’s no name for this device and all the technical specifications are still absent. However, in a recent product briefing for the Moto G8 and other phones internationally, Motorola hinted at a flagship device that would sit above the Moto E, Moto G and Moto One phones. The new category is unnamed but the presentation referred to it as the flagship category.

Currently, Motorola has no proper flagship device in its lineup. The Moto Z is most premium phone it makes but that’s limited to a few global markets. In India, the most expensive Motorola device is the Moto One Vision. The Moto X series was cancelled and so is the Moto Z series. Motorola has been focusing on the One series for long and in some markets, the One Zoom is the best phone Motorola makes.

There are chances that the reference to the flagship device might hint at the upcoming folding phone that’s expected to be launched on November 13. The teaser suggests that the Moto Razr from the last decade is making a comeback and this time, it will ditch the keyboard for a full folding display. Leaks have already revealed many features of the Razr, right from the design to the internal specifications. And it is expected that the Moto Razr will be the cheapest folding phone at $1,500.

However, since folding phones could take more time to go as mainstream flagships, there are chances that Motorola is working on another conventional flagship phone that will take on the likes of OnePlus, Samsung and Apple. The new flagship series could get a new name and it could come with high-end specifications along with the classic Motorola stock Android experience.

As of now, the flagship device only exists as a name and it could take almost a year for this device to materialize. And if Motorola is planning to go mainstream with the Moto Razr, then that could bring back the brand into prominence.