4 Ways to Make Your Workplace Safer

Did you receive a bad rating on your latest safety drill? Here are just a few ways to whip your employees into shape and reduce the likelihood of future failures.

1. Train Your Employees

Does everyone know what to do in the event of a fire or flood? What if a machine has a catastrophic failure? If someone received a gruesome injury in the middle of a workday, would your employees waste time panicking, or would they immediately launch into quick and efficient action? Training is the best way to increase the overall safety of the workplace, so don’t let your workers cut corners with their training modules.

2. Post More Signs

A lot of workplace accidents are the result of carelessness. While you can’t make your employees pay attention to their surroundings, you can grab their attention with various brightly-colored signs. Even if it’s a simple “hazard” sign in front of a slippery hallway, it might catch their eye and register in their brain before they go skipping down the linoleum.

3. Offer Incentives Instead of Punishments

Don’t punish people for breaking safety rules. You won’t actually change their habits, and you might encourage negative mental associations with the whole concept of workplace safety. Instead, reward people for getting things right. Incentivize them to stay safe. Give them a tangible reason to be careful.

4. Ask the Experts

If you aren’t sure how a process or procedure could be made safer, don’t be afraid to ask the provider. For example, if you frequently make use of infrared inspection services, there are “windows” that you can install as an alternative to opening up panels and chamber doors. It’s much safer, but it isn’t well-known outside of its industry, so you’d have to talk to an infrared specialist to even learn that it exists.

These are just a few tips for a safer workplace. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a fast-paced warehouse or a cozy little office; every situation has its dangers, and workers of all kinds should be prepared for emergencies.